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Tuesday, March 09, 2010



Fat. Obviously not a favourite word. Have anybody told you that you are fat? How did you feel? Sad? Angry? Did you feel like screaming? But if you ask me i will say i want to scream out loud and say "I.AM.NOT.FAT!!" But does it means that i am denying the fact that i am fat? but the question is am i fat? Well, it will depends on how you define fat.

Ok. Fine. You are right. I'm fat. So, what should i do now? How can i cut all these fats in my body? No. Wrong question. This is more accurate. How can i cut all these fats in my body in a short period of time? Using scissors? No, Certainly not. Burn all of the fats so it'll melting? Oh shoot! that's horrible. How? Tell me how.

Is there any way to lose weight instantly? Please don't come over here and advertise expensive products to me. Well, you can do that if you give it to me for free. Or if you say "I have tons of money, so i want to donate my money to you for your slimming purpose". Or if you say "I have this good slimming products and i want you to give me the testimonial, so i will give it to you for free until you get slim." Or if Dr. Rozmey read my post and says "Solehah, i will give you Jus Mate 5 for free until you get your desired body figure and weight." OMG it's heaven if it's really happen.

I need to get slim. I don't care if you can only see bones after i get slim. But i definitely need to get slimmer or else, i can't achieve something that i've been dreaming of in my entire life. Yea i sound depressed. I am depressed. That's why i am writing in English. Because i am under pressure. I'm afraid if this slimming thing will take me a whole lot of time.

You may ask "Are you a real fat? Why do you need to get slim in a short period of time?" I will leave those questions lingering on your mind. I hope i can fulfill the dream of my life. Pray for me. I really need your doa.


Nurulsgoodthings Tuesday, March 09, 2010 4:09:00 PM  

If you are fat, then i am a sister of fat. No you are not fat, you just have few extra pounds.But that's ok, dont be stressed. Let's strip that fat.

Anonymous Monday, March 15, 2010 8:03:00 PM  

Hi dear...

Don't be so stress about the small issue. Stress can make your body system upsite down and it will slowdown your metabolism too.

So...what you have to do is:

You have to wake short cut if you want to get a nice body or in a good shape. Wake my dear...everything is in your hand. You are smart girl and I know :)what you can do.

We already discussed about this matter last week and I told you the right way to get in shape. Just do it at home and you are always welcome to ask me anything re fat loss tips. You can join my Online Gym( for free first, tell my Fitness Professional Trainers about what is your dream body. Set your goal before you start doing that.

My dear girl...
Dont focus on your problem, your problem increases. Focus on the solution, your solution increases.

My preety girl...
Look at the moutain...its so big, so high and dangerous for human to clim, right. One day we pray to Allah ask to help us to climb the moutain. What will Allah do...make the moutain small?

No... Allah SWT will not make the moutain small for us to climb but Allah SWT will make us strong to clim the moutain.

So...the conclution is Allah will help you but the action is yours...

Ross Safina Hor

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